The climate present in the cultivation area is an element of fundamental importance for the flowering of succulents.

Most of the succulent plants are grown exclusively in apartments and therefore live in stable climatic conditions , without great changes in temperature throughout the year; in this way, however, the plants tend not to follow the right seasonal cycle and therefore not to bloom.

In order to obtain the spring flowering it is therefore necessary to ensure that the plants follow the natural succession of the seasons and consequently “undergo” the typical climatic changes that regulate the natural development of all the existing species.
To allow this it is therefore not possible to cultivate the succulent plants perpetually in the apartment, but it is essential that they spend some time in the cold, so that they can go into winter vegetative rest , to then reach the spring vegetative recovery.

If you have a cold greenhouse, you should place the succulents in the period between October and March, otherwise you will have to move an area of ​​the house away from heat sources , for example in a stairwell or an unheated room, where however there is the necessary brightness.

We must consider the fact that, although they are cacti, during the dormant phase, that is to say the winter vegetative rest, most of the species can bear without any problem even temperatures that fall by several degrees below the zero temperature.